The Self-Warming Jacket that Charges via USB

This looks like a pretty normal Columbia jacket, right? You might even have one that looks just like it. Still, I bet your jacket doesn’t have a built-in battery pack that powers its handy-dandy self-heating feature. Rechargable via USB, the jacket was designed by a former Intel engineer and has a heat-conductive carbon fiber mesh running through it. That battery pack we mentioned earlier is good for five hours. 

At $900 it costs a very pretty penny (looking at Columbia’s website, that’s roughly triple what you’d pay for one of their regular jackets), but can you really put a price on warmth?

No word on an exact launch dates, but GearJunkie has it down as ‘soon-to-be-released’ so we’ll cross our fingers and hope Columbia doesn’t make us wait until next season.

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  • Your jacket is now dry!
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  • Your jacket is now dry!
  • j3ff86Your jacket is now dry!

    That was EXACTLY what I thought!
  • j3ff86Your jacket is now dry!

    lmao, BTTF reference ftw.