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Military + Youtube = Miltube

Credit: U.S. Army

(Image credit: U.S. Army)

Designed to be a safer, more secure alternative to YouTube, Miltube protects its content with numerous firewalls. Members of the military will now be able to upload, share, and watch videos on their own personal YouTube. 

Answering the privacy concerns of the Department of Defense, Miltube designers created a website to serve the video sharing interests of military personnel without having to worry about any security or privacy issues.

"Video is an extremely powerful tool for storytelling and sharing information among personnel," Justin Filler, the man behind Miltube, said in a statement. "MilTube provides a secure, internal environment for those connections to take place across the Armed Services."

In addition to providing video sharing and watching services, MilTube will be joining a suite of other Web 2.0 tools offered to the military, including MilBook, MilWiki, and MilBlog. Collectively named MilSuite, these services which are being offered to the military are the Department of Defense's secure alternatives to social network sites, blogs, and databases.

MilSuite is currently available for anybody who has access and authentication such as service members, civilian employees, and support contractors. The number of members using the service has grown to over 85,000 users.