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Wiretape: Ultra-Thin Solution For Cable Clutter?

At E3 2010, Hitech Innovations recently demoed Wiretape, a new product that promises to cut down on cable clutter. The company hopes the market its offering to home entertainment and PC enthusiasts who have long suffered from messy wires.

The Wiretape system simply flattens wired connections into a much more manageable tape that's 0.16 mm thick. It accommodates popular transmission formats like USB, HDMI, Ethernet, and other standards commonplace in home theater and computer setups.

Buyers will simply measure out the length they need, cut it out like tape, and connect both ends into so-called connection boxes. Once the connections are made the tape can be secured directly to the walls, floors, and even underneath furniture for minimum visual disruption. The tape is flexible enough to fold multiple times, which means it takes corners easily.

Wiretape comes in five- and the wider eighteen-line versions. These flattened lines are visible through the transparent insulation. Different-colored lines will be available to consumers when the product debuts later this year, to make blending in with the surroundings easier. The key selling point of Wiretape however is that users can paint over the tape if they desire the ultimate camouflage.

Hitech is planning to make Wiretape available to the general market by September 2010. No price info was available as of this writing.

At E3: Wiretape, a super-thin cable you can paint