The HP TouchPad Just Received a New Software Update

Believe it or not, but there are still people at HP working on webOS, which is quite amazing given the uncertainty for the future. There's still a lot of love for Palm's mobile operating system, no doubt further kindled now that people so many people are enjoying its genius from the discounted Pre phones and TouchPad tablets.

Released today for TouchPad owners is a fresh version of webOS, updating the outgoing 3.0.2 to the newly released 3.0.4.

Ari Jaaksi, head of webOS services at HP, detailed in his blog some of the new changes:

"We have a big number of TouchPads out there, and we wanted to continue serving users and developers.  We improved performance, added better support for the camera, made connectivity with non-HP phones possible, improved messaging, touched the UI in many places, etc," Jaaksi wrote. "Also, we’ve got over 1000 applications available for TouchPad through Application Catalogue."

The webOS team is also working on making things better for developers.

"We have also continued longer term architectural development for webOS. We are working hard around webKit and V8. Those are core engines for the whole webOS. The Enyo framework and developer tools are getting a lot of attention now," Jaaksi continued. "We have also some very cool development around UI especially in the area of working with many task simultaneously, and using the table screen even more efficiently. The web development model, strong cloud integration, and a fluid and beautiful UI are the cornerstones of webOS."

Long live webOS!

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  • amk-aka-Phantom
    Not bad! I'm glad that not everyone gave up on webOS. I have no experience with it whatsoever, but it's sad to see whenever a product gets dropped that quick after release. Way to go, webOS team!
  • kawininjazx
    Next WebOS update, Android Honeycomb?
  • getreal
    I think I am going to drop uberkernel and give this a shot; has anyone tried it out yet?