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Future VW Cars to Have Ice/Fog Free Windshields

Foggy and icy car windshields in cold climates may soon become a thing of the past thanks to research conducted by the VW Group and the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Technology. Researchers are developing an anti-icing and anti-fogging layer that prevents ice from forming at -0.4 Fahrenheit.

The anti-icing and anti-fogging layer consists of a thin layer of indium tin oxide, which theoretically slows down the glass cooling process, according to the VW Group.

"We call this a 'Low-E' (low thermal emissivity) coating. Applied to the outer glazing, it prevents heat from radiating skyward. We are proud of this innovation and will promote it throughout the Group. That is because an ice-free window is an added convenience to our customers," said Thomas Drescher of Volkswagen Development to

Those hoping for VW production cars with the Low-E coating will have to wait as researchers are still working out the final quirks and kinks before the technology can hit production. Currently, the technology causes radio interference that hinders cell-phone reception, which could be a good thing for drivers that like to use their cellphone in the car.

[Source: CarScoop]