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Urbee, the First 3-D Printed Car

As hybrid cars go, the Urbee already has a lot going for it: cruising speed of 70mph, 200mpg, electric motors for rapid acceleration and an energy-efficient 8 horsepower ethanol engine for higher speeds that kicks in at higher speeds. But what really sets it apart from other hybrids is how it'll be constructed: The Urbee's body will be fashioned out via 3-D printing.

Everything, from the exterior panels to the glass windows, will be printed out using Stratasys' Dimension 3-D Printers and Fortus 3-D Production system. The process involves applying one thin layer of material after another, producing the desired components.

Stratasys and Kor Ecologic, the two companies behind the Urbee, expect to have a fully-printed model out by the end of this year.

[source: Urbee via Fast Company]