Untangling the Spaghetti Wire Mess

Inside The Box, Continued

To help make sense of which cable goes where, the kit has a set of labels to help you mark your cables.

If you look closely, you can see that the sheet has a label key you can stick in a convenient location. There are even labels to mark your ports as well.

Included in the kit is a Velcro-like roll of tape that can be cut to make reusable straps. There are U-shaped perforations every six inches on the tape so you can attach the strap to a cable. This way you can be assured the strap will not be lost if the cable is disturbed or unwrapped.

What happens if some of your cables run in places other than where the clamp is attached? The kit also has four clips so cables can be fastened in other places. Now the cord for the power strip or coaxial cable for the broadband connection can be coerced exactly where you want them to run. There is even an alcohol pad so you can clean the surface before you stick the clips on.

Last but not least the kit has all of the manuals and tips on how to get the most use out of the system.