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Steve Jobs Gave Russian President Locked iPhone

Last summer, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited Silicon Valley to learn more about one of America's unique tech hotbeds. Part of his trip included a stop at Apple, where he met with Steve Jobs and even got a special gift of an iPhone 4.

It was a nice gesture and a very cool souvenir to take away from Cupertino. Of course, that iPhone 4 is quite useless now in Russia, as Jobs gave Medvedev one that was locked to AT&T.

To be fair, all iPhone 4 models sold in the U.S. are locked to AT&T, even though there are factory unlocked models available just north of the border in Canada. We can only assume that Steve Jobs had one pulled right from the U.S.-specific stock.

A tweet from Medvedev's assistant confirms that the phone worked while in the U.S., but not in Russia. We assume that he's referring to using it on a local SIM card, as AT&T does roam in Russia.

It's time for Medvedev to seek out the local talent to inspect his iPhone's baseband to see if it's unlockable.

(Source: 9to5Mac)