Trending: Superman Shills Smartphones, The Best Game Boy Ever

Henry Cavill has vanquished plenty of evil as Superman, but can he take on the smartphone world? Also, a hacker turned an old Game Boy into the coolest portable ever, and the new Domino's app takes laziness to a new level. Here's what's trending.

Raspberry Pi Turns Old Game Boy Into Magical Gaming Machine

This is certainly not the crusty old Game Boy you grew up with. YouTube tinkerer Wermy hacked a classic Game Boy into an advanced portable gaming machine that can play just about any retro title, largely thanks to the Raspberry Pi Zero he stuffed inside of it.

Wermy managed to add extra buttons and a microUSB port to the ancient device, and even made a custom Game Boy cartridge with an SD card slot that lets him load up a whole bunch of emulated classics -- including 16-bit Super Nintendo games. Excuse me as I wipe away my drool.   

Henry Cavill is the New Face of Huawei, Because Money

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's… Huawei's latest spokesperson? Batman vs Superman star Henry Cavill helped promote the Huawei P9 at the phone's launch event in London, hyping up the device's dual cameras by taking some selfies. Is Superman secretly a smartphone geek? Meh, he's probably just in it for the money.

You Can Order Domino's By Just Opening an App, Because Pizza is Urgent

If mobile ordering still isn't convenient enough for you, Domino's has you covered. The company's aptly-titled Zero Click app will order you a pizza as soon as you open it, so long as you've already set up your payment information and have selected your preferred pizza. Don't worry, the app has a 10-second timer in the event that you open it by accident. Just don't let your hungry friends get ahold of your phone.

Here's the First Official Look at GoPro's 360-Degree Camera Rig

After announcing it forever ago, GoPro has finally unveiled the final design for its 360-degree camera rig. Dubbed the Omni, GoPro's new device looks like a futuristic cube full of cameras, which should do an awesome job capturing immersive, VR-ready videos of things like action sports. There's no official price for the Omni, but considering it packs six $3,000 cameras, it'll probably be aimed at professional studios and not amateur filmmakers. (via Engadget)

You Can Now Stream Android Games to Twitch Right From Your Desktop

It's possible to stream mobile games to Twitch, but the process isn't quite as simple as doing so from a console or PC. Fortunately, BlueStacks and Twitch have teamed up to ease the pain. All you need to do is fire up the BlueStacks app, which emulates Android games on computers, and click a button to go live. Your friends around the world will finally know how awesome you are at Clash of Clans.

Michael Andronico

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