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Toyota Unveils Nintendo DS-Controlled Navigation System

For systems designed to be a convenience to the driver, in-vehicle navigation systems can sometimes be a pain in the butt. There's just something about most in-car navigation systems that make inputting destinations or getting route information much more troublesome than their handheld GPS counterparts. Luckily for some future Toyota owners, the Japanese automaker has teamed up with Nintendo for a new navigation system.

The two companies have created a game cartridge that turns the Nintendo DS into an interactive navigation remote control that lets users wirelessly set destinations, view routes and even obtain sightseeing information. Called the Kuruma de DS, the navigation "game" is equipped with Bluetooth technology for easy syncing with vehicles.

In addition to controlling the navigation, Kuruma features Nintendo Mii characters, a speedometer and information about where your vehicle has been. Although the Kuruma de DS game itself will cost about $90, pair that with the $2,600 Toyota navigation system and you have yourself one empty wallet.