Here's Every Character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is coming on December 7, and its roster is going to be huge.

The game will feature every character in the history of the series (including guest characters like Sonic the Hedgehog, Snake and Ryu) as well as a few newcomers. This includes Inkling from the Splatoon series, Metroid boss Ridley, Castlevania hero Simon Belmont, Animal Crossing favorite Isabelle and "echo fighters" such as Street Fighter's Ken and Daisy from the Super Mario series.

Credit: Nintendo

(Image credit: Nintendo)

As of Nov. 1, the Smash Ultimate roster is set at 70 characters, or 74 if you count the "echo" fighters. However, Nintendo did note that more fighters will arrive post-release as paid downloadable content.

Echo (ε) characters are those with almost identical move sets to another character. Many existing characters, like Mario and Link, are getting new moves, while it seems just about everyone will be re-balanced for the new game.

Here's every character based on Nintendo's official ordering:

1. Mario

2. Donkey Kong

3 Link

4. Samus

5. Yoshi

6. Kirby

7. Fox

8. Pikachu

9. Luigi

10. Ness

11. Captain Falcon

12. Jigglypuff

13. Peach

13ε. Daisy

14. Bowser

15. Ice Climbers

16. Sheik

17. Zelda

18. Dr. Mario

19. Pichu

20. Falco

21. Marth

21ε. Lucina

22. Young Link

23. Ganondorf

24. Mewtwo

25. Roy

26. Mr. Game & Watch

27. Meta Knight

28. Pit

28ε. Dark Pit

29. Zero Suit Samus

30. Wario

31. Snake

32. Ike

33. Squirtle (Pokémon Trainer)

34. Ivysaur (Pokémon Trainer)

35. Charizard (Pokémon Trainer)

36. Diddy Kong

37. Lucas

38. Sonic

39. King Dedede

40. Olimar

41. Lucario

42. R.O.B.

43. Toon Lnk

44. Wolf

45. Villager

46. Mega Man

47. Wii Fit Trainer

48. Rosalina and Luma

49. Little Mac

50. Greninja

51. Mii Fighter - Brawler

52. Mii Fighter - Swordfighter

53. Mii Fighter - Gunner

54. Palutena

55. Pac-Man

56. Robin

57. Shulk

58. Bowser Jr.

59. Duck Hunt

60. Ryu

60ε: Ken

61. Cloud

62. Corrin

63. Bayonetta

64. Inkling

65. Ridley

66. Simon Belmont

66ε. Richter Belmont

67. King K. Rool

68. Isabelle

69. Incineroar

70. Pirhana Plant

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
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