Tom Hanks, Howard Stringer Show Prototype Movie Glasses

It was the day's first keynote to open CES. We were there to listen to Sony's Sir Howard Stringer give his bit, but we were first treated to an appearance by actor Tom Hanks, who brought the crowd to life with star power and light humor. To further punctuate his allegiance to Sony, Hanks ran through his long history of products made by the Japanese electronics company.

Hanks then brought Stringer on stage -- not the first time these two have shared the spotlight together. Stringer kicked off his address acknowledging the recession, but told his audience that Sony would make it through with innovative products. This being CES, we would expect no less from any company other than innovation.

We'll go through Sony's other innovations in individual articles to give them their own space, but one thing that both Stringer and Hanks demonstrated at the keynote was a prototype pair of glasses that project a movie image in front of the wearer's eyes. The result is somewhat like a television's picture-in-picture feature but for your eyes. The movie image is displayed off-center, while actual reality is displayed everywhere else.

The concept isn't new, but with Sony putting its R&D behind the technology, we're expecting good things. Hanks himself proclaimed that they were the best pair of glasses Sony has ever produced!

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  • zak_mckraken
    So it's Springer or Stringer?