This Bra Finds Your Perfect Fit And I Want One


LAS VEGAS — Bras, when not sized correctly, fail to provide the support your breasts need. Even worse, they can be extremely uncomfortable. And, depending on the brand and type, they can also be very expensive. Intimate apparel company, Soma is looking to solve that problem with a clever, innovative solution — an app-connected bra.

The SomaInnofit ($25) looks like a snazzy sports bra. It's made from a stretchy, breathable material that can support up to a size 40G. Spanning the width of the bra are four orange measure lines, which converge in the back in an orange patch about the size of a business card. Beneath the patch is a Bluetooth and measurement sensor, and a watch battery.

Credit: Tom's GuideCredit: Tom's Guide

Once you have the bra on, you launch the free Soma Innofit app (Android, iOS). From there, the app will search for the bra via Bluetooth. Once it's connected, you hit the measure button and just breathe normally. The app uses the measure lines and measurement sensor to deliver what Soma claims is an accurate fit. The whole process takes about a minute.

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Credit: Tom's GuideCredit: Tom's Guide

After you get your measurements, you'll be directed to Soma's website, where you can purchase some new undergarments. Keep in mind that Soma is a business, and the app is fitting you for a Soma bras only. If you're a fan of another brand, you're out of luck. But to sweeten the pot, Soma is giving consumers a $25 discount on its clothing. And since Soma bras are typically $60, that's not a bad price cut.

Credit: Tom's GuideCredit: Tom's Guide

Soma encourages users to use the Innofit after any weight changes. And, if you're feeling generous, you can share the bra with friends and family so that they can get their perfect fits as well. Just don't try to wash it, as all that tech doesn't play well with water. If things start getting a little funky, Soma suggests deploying a fabric wipe.

If the SomaInnofit works the way the company says it should, this could be big for consumers looking for bras that actually fit. I hope in the future, this tech can be expanded to more brands, so consumers can shop around.