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Say No to Drunk Posting

Imagine yourself in this scenario.  You’re having the most amazing night with your friends, looking sharp, and kicking back a few drinks.   After a few more hours and maybe a handful more drinks, you decide that now is the right time to impart your infinite wisdom to world via Twitter or Facebook.  Damn you sound so witty.  Keep those words flowing.  Next morning you wake up to your mother responding to you on FaceBook saying no one but you and God should know what you did at 2:30 in the morning, especially that.  Oops, maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. 

Don’t worry, you weren’t the only one to do a party FAIL.  Take a look at what others have said in their ‘moments of triumph’.

Well the good people over at Webroot came up with an ingenious tool to help you check if you’re sane enough to even go on all these social sites to post something.  Simply take their free Social Media Sobriety Test to find out whether or not they deem you ‘sober enough to post’.  The last step in their 3-step plan says it all, “Post away, or if you fail, maybe just go to bed.”  

“Social networks have become a huge forum for sharing news, opinions and feelings, and people are using them at all hours -- even after a few drinks when they may be prone to posting something they'll regret the next day. Webroot saw an opportunity to remind people in a humorous way to be responsible on social networks, and to have some fun with helping people think about Internet security,” said MacLean Guthrie of Webroot.

Check out the instructive video here:

Will you be using this sobriety test before you post?

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