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How to Get Prescription Lenses for Your Snap Spectacles

I really like my Snapchat Spectacles, the wearable that makes it super simple to record video from my face and share it on that social network, but my prescription eyeglasses make them hard to use.

Fortunately, companies are announcing offers to fit the specs with prescription lenses, with pricing starting at $99.

Credit: Samuel C. Rutherford / Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Samuel C. Rutherford / Tom's Guide)

One of the first companies to offer this service is Rochester Optical, a New York-based firm that is now accepting shipments of Spectacles from owners for adjustment. The company previously altered headsets including the Microsoft Hololens and Google Glass and cites its Research and Development division as how it can solve these challenges.

Pricing rises after any addons from the standard prescription lenses, so expect to pay more for photochromic, polarized, blue-light blocking and other bonuses. Anti-reflective coating does come with the $99 lenses, though.

To get your lenses adjusted by Rochester Optical, you'll need to part with your pair for a short while. After you order the lenses on its site, you'll ship the specs to the company and then wait up to 4 days for processing and return shipping.

Those with especially strong eyeglass prescriptions may not even be able to use this service, as Snap explains that "Rx total power cannot exceed -5 diopters."