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Smarter WiFi Coffee Machine: This Brew’s for You

LAS VEGAS—The best part of waking up could soon be the Smarter WiFi Coffee Machine. Available in March, this $129 Internet-connected appliance will grind your beans, then brew you a pot of joe automatically when you wake up, arrive home, or whenever you command via its smartphone app.

The Coffee Machine is the second product from Smarter. Its first, the iKettle, lets you boil water to a specific temperature, and can also be controlled via an app. Although the iKettle is already available in the UK, it too will come to U.S. shores this spring for $129.

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In addition to the app, the device also works with IFTTT, so, you could program it to brew you a stronger cup in the morning if your Jawbone detects that you didn’t get a good night’s sleep. As of yet, though, there’s no direct interaction with other smart home systems, but you can schedule it to make coffee at a given time.

This isn’t the first connected coffee pot; the WeMo-controlled Mr. Coffee saw to that. But for lazy java junkies, the all-in-one Coffee Machine could be just the thing, as it will also grind your beans fresh, just before brewing. Now if it could just deliver it to me in bed with some eggs benedict and the paper.

Mike Prospero

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