The Cost Of The Smart Grid: $476 Billion

Back in 2004, the number was predicted to be about $165 billion. The new estimate is based on a steady deployment of smart grid technologies between 2010 and 2030. The increase in cost is apparently due to more advanced technologies as well as a "more expansive vision" for the grid.

While the number seems to be outrageous, the EPRI also said that the benefits could reach about $2 trillion. The benefits are measured in lower cost for energy delivery, greater energy capacity that is achieved through greater efficiency and fewer outages, enhanced security, improved quality of life, safety as well as greater consumer productivity.  

So, who is going to pay for a clever power system? The EPRI suggests that "society" should bear the costs of the upgrade - "and paid directly, bundled with other goods and services or otherwise included by the utility in its cost of service."  

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  • mikem_90
    Okay... Society will be willing to pay for it, as long as the power utilities are going to be regulated again. You want something from us, you gotta give in return. No more free record profits and high prices for customers.

  • PhilFrisbie
    I just had smart meters installed for my electric and natural gas meters. Already the extra radio interference has reduced the WiFi coverage inside my home, and I will be REALLY upset if some hacker decides to power down all the meters in my neighborhood or doubles the readings for fun!
  • BulkZerker
    I have a better idea. No!

    You got your lines thrown up in the 30-40s on the govt's dollar this time -you- pay for it. Running a buissness costs money no free ride... though I will accept the prices staying the same for 10 years as well. Because after a few years it'll pay for itself, and then you can just npt charge more because of inflatioun screwing with the value of the dollar.