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Sleep Number 'It' Bed Uses Data to Improve Your Sleep

LAS VEGAS — You may think of Select Comfort's Sleep Number as a bed that lets you adjust mattress firmness, but the company is stepping into the smart home to provide different kinds of numbers: data about your sleep. The newly unveiled Sleep Number "it" bed — lowercase "i" — uses biometric sensors and predictive algorithms to provide you with information on how to adjust for better sleep in real-time. But will you find it helpful, or just lose sleep over it?

Credit: Andrew E. Freedman/Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Andrew E. Freedman/Tom's Guide)

Sleep Number representatives showed us the it bed at CES. The company calls its technology "SleepIQ," and it measures your sleep and offers suggestions on how to get more and better rest, including your ideal firmness setting and what kind of exercise and nutrition options could help.

The it bed has sensors that track your body parameters, including your heart rate, breathing and movements. The bed will be solely available from — it won't be in retail stores — in six standard sizes later this year. Prices will start around $1,000 price range, with bases and headboards sold separately. Beds will be mailed to buyers who can assemble them at home.

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Besides aggregating your data for health recommendations, the bed will also read your calendar and connect to traffic and weather reports to make suggestions on when to go to bed so you can get 8 hours of shuteye. For example, it will set your alarm earlier on rainy days with heavy traffic so you can get up earlier. Suggestions will be delivered through an app that will be available at the same time as the bed, so reminders to work out or go to bed early will always be easily accessible.

Sleep Number's API will plug into additional services (partners not yet named) so that the bed will learn your habits from services you already use.

Credit: Andrew E. Freedman/Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Andrew E. Freedman/Tom's Guide)

Of course, it wouldn't be be a Sleep Number bed without the brand's famous firmness settings. Each side of the mattress can be adjusted individually to be firmer or softer, and the it bed will send these recommendations to the app based on your health and sleeping habits.

I took a quick seat on the bed, with the Sleep Number set at 50, and considered taking a nap on the show floor. The firmness number can be adjusted for each side of the bed, and each can get its own individual SleepIQ scores and recommendations.

It's questionable whether or not anyone will change their habits based on the bed. But if you're already invested in your diet, exercise and sleep routines, and looking to make further changes, the Sleep Number it bed may be for you.