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Selfie Alarm Clock Proves You Woke Up Like This

Do you take a selfie the very second you wake up? No? Well, if you use Snap Me Up as your alarm clock, you won't get to go back to bed until you snap one. This wacky Android alarm requires a selfie to snooze, guaranteeing you a huge gallery of your sleepiest (and probably angriest) selfies ever.

Available for free in the Play Store, Snap Me Up bizarre premise is wrapped in an elegant interface. A big red button at the bottom right of the app lets you set an alarm or nap timer, and all of your various alarms stack up neatly on the app's home screen in large, multicolored boxes.

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Once it's time to wake up, the app will play your predetermined alarm tone and automatically activate the selfie cam. To make the music stop, you simply take a super-sleepy selfie.

Snap Me Up knows that your wake-up selfies are likely to be hilariously delirious, and funnels all of them into a dedicated gallery called "my sleepy snaps." This way, if you need an afternoon reminder that life gets better, you could always look back and see how awful your morning was. 

If you love taking selfies, but wish you looked more distraught when taking them, Snap Me Up is worth taking for a spin. Now, at least when you caption your Instagram shots with the famous Beyonce lyric "I woke up like this," you can actually mean it.

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