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This RoboSub is Your Newest Baywatch Bunny

Falling into icy waters is bad enough; you have the equally nasty choices of drowning, shark buffet, or hypothermia. If you're not rescued within 90 minutes, you might as well be dead. that's why Duncan Winsbury has taken up the task of creating a robotic lifeguard specifically designed for rapid retrieval in the frozen waters off the coast of England.

The ex-Fire and Rescue station manager developed the SARBot with the assistance of Seabotix co-founder Jesse Rodocker. The remote-control salvage sub was repurposed to fit its new role of Baywatch bunny. Equipped with sonar and video feed, SARBot can quickly locate a flailing humanoid and grab it with its claw, allowing rescuers to pull both robot and drowning victim up to dry land quickly.

SARBot's impressive performance during demonstrations—it was able to find and retrieve test dummies within five minutes—has piqued the interest of local UK officials, who just might purchase an entire fleet of these robotic rescue crabs.

[source: Popular Science]