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Hold on to Your Lunch: More Six Flags VR Coasters Are Coming

Samsung is once again waging war against real life. The company is teaming up with Six Flags Entertainment Corporation to bring virtual reality experiences to eight amusement parks this fall, including Six Flags near Chicago, Six Flags Great Adventure (New Jersey), Six Flags Over Georgia and Six Flags Over Texas.

The experience, titled Rage of the Gargoyles, will launch on eight existing coasters. At Six Flags Great Adventure, enclosed steel coaster Skull Mountain will be outfitted with Samsung Gear VR headsets. Here's how the ride looks without VR.

Rage of the Gargoyles is 360-degree experience that will place riders in the cockpit of an Apache helicopter waging war against monstrous gargoyles ravaging the surrounding city. The headset incorporates the coaster's various twists and turns, transforming them into sweet aerial maneuvers as you attempt to shoot down the beasts. 

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Since your hands will be busy holding onto whatever bars or safety harnesses are around, dispatching the monsters will be as simple as looking at one and holding your gaze until it drops. Keep it up and you'll eventually do battle with the master gargoyle.

This isn't the first VR partnership between Samsung and Six Flags. The companies teamed up back in June to launch the Superman experience, which allows riders to watch the Man of Steel do battle with Lex Luthor. While the writer in question got a bit queasy afterward, I'm looking forward to paying my local Six Flags a visit and droppping a gargoyle or two.