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Samsung Prepping OLED TV Killer (Report)

If you're waiting to buy a TV, it might make sense to wait just a bit longer. Samsung's lineup of TVs for 2017 are expected to be brighter, more colorful, and could give LG's OLED sets a run for their money.

The new TVs, which use a new technology called QLED, boast enhanced HDR capabilities, as well as higher levels of brightness, according to a report on ETNews and verified by Forbes

Samsung's 2017 TVs, due to be announced at CES in early January, will have 50 percent better performance than 2016 models, according to the ETNews story. While they will use Quantum Dot technology, which was introduced with Samsung's SUHD lineup, the new sets will be capable of reproducing a much larger color volume, a metric that measures both the number of colors and the overall brightness.

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Additionally, trademarks registered in Korea for HDR 1500, Q HDR, and Real Black suggest that Samsung's new TVs will be capable of 1500 nits of brightness, while Real Black represents the company's attempt to compete with OLED sets, such as the LG E6, when it comes to displaying truly deep blacks.

Of course, it remains to be seen what LG and others will reveal at CES, but 2017 should see some major improvements in TV technology.