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Samsung Working On True Zero-Bezel Phone with Wraparound Screen

The flexible screen invasion is not going to be limited to the foldable Galaxy F and next-generation foldable flip phones.

According to this Samsung patent, which was picked up by,  the Korean company is working on a phone with a display that wraps all around its edges, truly making it a real full-screen phone.

Credit: Lets Go Digital

(Image credit: Lets Go Digital)

Jony Ive often says how the iPhone makes the content the protagonist by taking all over the phone. But the iPhone still has bezels (and one unsightly notch). Even the newest phones — like the Nubia X (which is one step removed from a single wrap-around screen), the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, or the Vivo Nex 2 — have bezels. Extremely thin, but they have it. And they have metal bands all around them too.

But Dutch tech blog and patent treasure hunter Let’s Go Digital has unearthed a Samsung worldwide patent for a phone that truly has no edges at all. It even includes a “simulated view” (see above) which, according to the publication, is very unusual.

Credit: Samsung Patent/WIPO/Lets Go Digital

(Image credit: Samsung Patent/WIPO/Lets Go Digital)

Patents often come with drawings, but they are very simplistic by design to avoid both misinterpretation and publication of potential trade secrets like industrial design.

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The phone in the patent seems to have no holes at all (although this could be just a result of simplication). No 3.5-millimeter jack, no USB-C port, no camera, and no speaker grilles. That doesn't mean anything at this stage though.

Credit: Lets Go Digital

(Image credit: Lets Go Digital)

Technically, this thing is totally doable. If this Samsung phone ever becomes a reality — and I have no doubt that we will get to this point in no more than two or three years — it can charge its battery wirelessly, over the air and without a charging pad. And we know that Samsung has announced a display technology that will conceal the cameras behind the display, just like the fingerprint ID and other sensors.

This is just the next big logical step in phone design. In fact, it is the apex of that type of phone — a phone that truly is all glass, all screen, no seams of any kind. It won’t be the Galaxy S10 or even the S11, but perhaps the S12. And if Samsung doesn’t do it first, someone else may be them to it.

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