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Samsung’s One UI Looks Pretty Damn Cool In This Official Video

Samsung will launch One UI — its own flavor of Android Pie — in 2019, but it’s already showing it off in this video. I’m not a fan of custom Android user interfaces but I have to admit that this one looks rather neat.

But beyond its neat looks — especially on its night mode — the most important aspect of this interface is the streamlining of functions and the attention to detail.

From a visual point of view, One UI seems to be designed to follow Samsung’s hardware aesthetics, with curves that mimic and integrate with its Galaxy line.

Samsung has put some effort into thinking about what you will most need at any given time. The video claims that apps have been redesigned to help you focus on the content — like in the photos app.

It also reduces noise, eliminating unnecessary options from some screens, while at the same time, anticipating your needs and presenting you with the options you need depending on the context. For example, the phone dial screen will show an “Add to your contacts” option every time you are calling a new number.

Credit: Samsung

(Image credit: Samsung)

The video also shows the UI’s new philosophy of dividing the screen between content display (on the top) and interaction areas (on the bottom). This solves a problem of large screens: by limiting the interaction area to the bottom half of the screen, you can operate the phone with one hand, as everything will be within reach of your thumb.

It makes sense and it looks great, but we will have to wait to try the final version — possibly on the Samsung Galaxy S10 — before judging its effectiveness.

Jesus Diaz

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