Samsung Outs World's First Curved Ultra HD LED TV

Not to be outdone by LG Electronics and Sony, Samsung presented its own army of TVs this week during IFA 2013 in Berlin, the largest consumer electronic trade show in Europe. Among these are the world's first Curved UHD TV, and probably the world's largest 4K TVs thus far. Clearly, Samsung is trying to make a big, bold statement.

The company introduced on Thursday the world's first Curved UHD LCD-based LED TV in 55 inch and 65 inch models. Samsung hasn't provided any specs, but Sony said something similar when it launched its own 65 inch Curved LCD-based LED TV this week. The difference is that Sony's solution only provides a Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080), whereas these new Samsung models have an Ultra HD resolution (4096 × 2160). Obviously, the Samsung models will be more expensive.

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"Realizing curved UHD TV is more difficult to produce than curved OLED TV due to the panel characteristics," the company said. "The world’s first curved UHD TV proved Samsung’s unbeatable position in TV technology once again. Given that UHD TV market is still at its initial stage, Samsung's will release the Curved UHD TV to market based on consumer response and market demands."

Samsung didn't provide any release dates or prices, so stay tuned for more info. Meanwhile, the company also introduced the 98 inch S9 UHD TV and an even larger 110 inch version for customers who just love living it Big Time, Peter Gabriel style (that's 80s talk). The 85 inch alternative already on the market retails for around $40,000 USD, so expect a significantly higher pricetag.

The company also showcased its 55 inch Curved and Flat UHD OLED TVs, and announced the European pricing for its 55 inch and 65 inch F9000 UHD TVs, costing 4,000 and 6,000 euros, respectively (around $5,270 and $7,912). These latter two UHD TVs are now on sale.

"Samsung has retained its No. 1 position in the global TV market for eight consecutive years by pioneering a new innovation each year, including cutting-edge displays, 3D and Smart TVs," said Hyun-Suk Kim, EVP, Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics. "This year we are showcasing our vision for the industry, which will undoubtedly be centered around the detail and the brilliance that only our UHD and OLED technologies can offer."

Given this is just a sample of what's to come, expect to see additional details regarding pricing and availability soon.

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  • invlem
    Right now its OLED or 4k... retarded if you ask me. Why would I get a 4k TV using LCD technology that's dated...

    When OLED and 4k come together as one product (and 4k actually has supporting media to watch), I'll buy into this stuff, until then what I have is plenty good.

  • soldier44
    I will have a 4K desktop display before I have a 4K TV. $K also won't take off into mainstream until you see the TVs in Walmart for under a grand.
  • eklipz330
    id rather have neither, they both have their early adopter problems
  • Justin Hill
    5-7k for a television... no thank you.
  • IndignantSkeptic
    I need 4K, 120Hz, OLED, passive glasses or no glasses 3D, and no curve, or no deal. Save the damn curve for VR headsets. What's wrong with these damn people. I don't want TV shows and movies to look distorted on my screen so stop this obsession with curving your TV screens!
  • edogawa
    People seem surprised how expensive the new high resolution televisions are when 1080P televisions were once very expensive too, now you can get a 1080P TV for as low as 300. It will take at least 3-4 years before we see these televisions in acceptable price ranges.
  • digiex
    There comes a time when displays have more resolution than the human eye.
  • geronimo8
    Wouldn't it be hard to watch on it with relatives/friends?
  • Shaun o
    What came first the chicken? or the egg.
    What`s the point of having a 4k tv if you cannot watch 4k content with it?

    And have to wait 2 years or more to use the facility or feature.
    It`s just plain stupid.