Samsung Galaxy S5 User Guide

Use Your Phone as a TV Remote

Like many of today's hottest Android phones, Samsung's Galaxy S5 features a built-in infrared transmitter that lets you control your TV with ease. You can turn on your boob tube, change the volume and even adjust input sources. And with the preloaded Smart Remote app, which is powered by Peel, you can browse your shows and movies from your cable or satellite provider, as well as Netflix. Before you get started, you'll have to pair your S5 with your TV and set-top box. Here's how. —Daniel P. Howley

To set up Smart Remote on your Galaxy S5:

  1. Open the Smart Remote app and select your country.

  2. Enter your zip code and choose your cable or satellite provider.

  3. Tap the Personalize button to get program suggestions. If you don't want personalized suggestions, press Skip.

  4. If you choose to personalize your content, select and deselect the genres you are interested in or your don't like. Press Next when finished.

  5. To arrange your favorite sports, check or uncheck the sports you follow most and those you follow least. Press Next to continue.

  6. Enter your age and gender so Smart Remote can provide you with a list of shows that people in your age and gender group watch and press Done when finished.

To Set Up Smart Remote As Your TV Remote:

  1. Open Smart Remote, press the remote icon in the top right corner of the screen and press Continue.
  2. Select your TV brand from the list provided. If your brand isn't listed press Show Other Brands.

  3. Tap the onscreen Power button to see if the remote code works with your TV. If it does, press Yes, This Code 1 Works. If it doesn't, press No, Test Next Code.

  4. Choose the source from which you receive your channels.
  5. If you receive your channels from a set-top box, select the manufacturer from the list provided.

  6. Press the onscreen channel button to see if the Smart Remote code works with your set-top box. If it works, press Yes, This Code 1 Works. If not, press No, Test Next Code 2.

You can now control your set-top box using the Smart Remote app.

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