Samsung Galaxy S5 User Guide

Focus After Taking a Photo

The Galaxy S5's Selective Focus feature lets you choose what parts of your picture to keep clear and which to blur out. This lets you create an artistic depth of field effect to give your pictures a dreamy quality. Here's how to adjust the focal point after taking a photo. —Cherlynn Low

1. Open the Camera app.

2. Turn on Selective Focus by tapping the icon with two heads on the left. When the feature is activated, the words "Selective Focus" will show appear at top of the screen.

3. Focus on a subject within 1.5 feet of you. To choose a different focal point, tap it on the viewfinder. You'll need to pick a subject that stands out from the background.

4. Hit the shutter button and hold still. If your S5 was able to detect the subject, a Processing dialog window will pop up.

5. Tap the photo thumbnail at the bottom right (when device is in landscape) or bottom left (portrait mode). This brings you into the picture gallery.

6. Pick the image you want to edit from the carousel. Pictures that you can adjust Selective Focus on have a two-person icon on them.

7. Choose the type of focus you want. Near Focus sharpens the subject closer to you, while far focus blurs out things in the foreground. Pan focus keeps everything sharp.

8. Hit Done at the top right when you're pleased with your picture.

Your image will be saved to the Gallery.

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