Samsung Galaxy S5 User Guide

Set Up the Fingerprint Sensor

One of the Galaxy S5's coolest features is its fingerprint sensor, which can be used for convenient security purposes. Similar to the iPhone 5s, the sensor is built into the home button. It scans your digits and uses that information to unlock your phone, sign into your Samsung account or make payments via Paypal. Here's how to set it up on the Samsung Galaxy S5. —Cherlynn Low

1. Go to Settings. You can either look for the Settings icon in your apps drawer or tap the gear icon from the notifications shade.

2. Tap Finger Scanner from the Personalization section. You might have to scroll down the page a little.

3. Tap Fingerprint Manager to register your digit.

4. Read the disclaimer, then tap Ok.

5. Swipe the finger you wish to register along the home button below the screen. You'll have to do this eight times while the progress bar on the page fills up.

Once you're done, your print will be saved to the system, and your S5 will prompt you to set your device unlock method to Fingerprint.

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