Samsung 5G Galaxy S10, Galaxy F Could Get Huge Batteries

Samsung's Galaxy S10 unveiling is just weeks away, but we already have some details on a 5G version that could launch later this year.

Credit: Benjamin Geskin/Twitter

(Image credit: Benjamin Geskin/Twitter)

The folks over at Samsung-tracking site GalaxyClub found a leaked Samsung part called EB-BG977ABU that's believed to be the battery pack for Samsung's 5G Galaxy S10. According to the report, earlier covered by SamMobile, that battery pack could measure 5000mAh, making it one of the largest smartphone batteries on the market and the largest battery inside this year's many Galaxy S10 models.

SamMobile also reports that Samsung's upcoming foldable smartphone, which could be called the Galaxy F or the Galaxy Fold, might come with two battery packs, one for each side of the handset. Those battery packs will combine to offer 6200mAh worth of power storage, according to the report.

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Those reports follow a leak from Ice Universe, who said on Twitter recently that Samsung will deliver a 3100mAh battery pack for the Galaxy S10 Lite, a 3500mAh battery pack for the Galaxy S10 and a 4000mAh battery pack for the Galaxy S10+. Those sizes are in line with Samsung's Galaxy S9 line and Galaxy Note 9.

Of course, battery life is about more than just the size of the pack inside the smartphone. The larger the pack, the more the juice a smartphone has at its disposal. But if it can be combined with a more efficient processor and other components, it'll deplete that juice much more slowly.

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+ by the time of Mobile World Congress next month. The company likely won't unveil the Galaxy S10 5G until later this year, and it's unclear when the long-awaited foldable phone will launch. But if anything is clear, it's that batteries will be a hot topic this time around.

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