Galaxy Note 10 Tesla Edition Is Just a Render (Update)

Update 11:40 a.m. ET: The render in question has been tracked back to a YouTuber, which produced the image as a concept of a theoretical Samsung/Tesla collaboration on a Galaxy Note 10 model. We've corrected the article accordingly.

It seemed this week that Samsung might have been joining the list of smartphone makers that attach their flagship phones to high-end automobiles.

Credit: Weibo

(Image credit: Weibo)

A blogger on Weibo published an image of what the person said was a real photo of the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 Tesla Edition. The device in the photo looked to have the same vertically-aligned, triple-lens camera system we've been seeing in other Galaxy Note 10 leaks.

As it turns out, the image has been traced back to another source. It was originally created by YouTuber Arun Maini on Twitter, who posted a render earlier in the month theorizing about what a Tesla/Samsung collaboration might look like. That image ended up on Weibo, fueling the narrative. In other words, no: Samsung isn't making a Tesla-branded phablet. 

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This particular rumor was especially believable because partnerships between high-end tech firms and luxury brands have cropped up increasingly in recent years. Huawei works alongside Porsche Design to deliver a special model and OnePlus has partnered with McLaren. Even China-based smartphone maker Oppo has signed on with Lamborghini to deliver models with that branding.

As for what we are more certain about concerning Samsung's upcoming flagship, we learned this week that the Galaxy Note 10 will reportedly launch at an event on August 7. The handset will likely come in a 6.3-inch size, and there's also a reported 6.75-inch Galaxy Note 10 Pro in the works. Both models may feature a triple-lens camera with such improvements as a three-stage aperture. A new S Pen and the possibility of the Sound on Display, which ditches the earpiece in favor of sound that vibrates off the screen, also seem likely.

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