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Roost's New Smart Smoke Detectors Talk to Your Phone

Following the launch of its $34 smart smoke detector battery, Roost is expanding its line of Internet-connected alarms with two new models, the $59 RSA-200, which monitors for smoke and fire, and the $79 RSA-400, which detects smoke, fire, CO and natural gas, and then sends alerts to your smartphone. Both are available for pre-order today, and will ship in June.

The Roost Smart Battery made it on our list of Best Smart Home Gadgets for its simplicity. It converts any smoke detector into one that can alert you remotely in case of a fire. The RSA-200 and RSA-400, which were built by Universal Security Instruments (USI), are designed for those who are installing new smoke detectors. Both are 120-volt hard-wired alarms, which use the Roost 9-volt smart battery as a backup. You can link the Roost alarms to others in your house, provided they're also made by USI.

The alarms themselves don't have Roost's smarts; that's all contained in the battery itself. So, you could just purchase the Roost Smart Battery and buy a smoke detector separately, but the company is trying to make it easier to get everything in one go, and its prices are comparable to purchasing the Roost battery and a third-party detector.

Like the battery, Roost's smart alarms will connect to Android and iOS apps, and alert you whenever they detect a smoke or other condition. The app will then let you silence the alarm for a few minutes (great if you're cooking a steak), and let you alert other people, as well as the fire department.

Additionally, you can link the app to IFTTT, so you can trigger all your lights to turn on when the alarm sounds, for example. The app will also let you specify where in your home each smoke detector is located, so you'll be able to determine the source of the problem quickly.

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