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Roku Streaming Stick Giveaway and Free USB Hubs

The holidays are nearly upon us, and so too are the inevitable avalanche of sales and deals that mark the end of our year. Some of you may have already bought gifts for you and your loved ones, but for the rest of us there’s the Tom’s Guide Community.

Celebrate the holidays in style with some help from our resident experts in the Tom’s Guide Community. For the duration of Cyber Week, we’ll be collecting the best deals from you, our lovely audience. To sweeten the, well, deal, we’re offering one complimentary USB hub to each reader who makes a submission.

We’re also giving away a Roku Streaming Stick. To enter head to one of the submission threads and join the raffle. To claim your free Tom’s Guide USB Hub you’ll need to add a deal bundle to the thread.

Without further ado, here are the categories and their respective requirements:

Cord Cutter’s Heaven

It’s easier than ever to cut the cord and ditch that costly cable subscription. With that in mind we want to know what the best home theatre set up is for the recent cord cutter. Submissions to this category can include deals TVs, stream boxes and sticks, cloud services and any streaming deal you can find.

The College Gamer

For this category we’re looking for PC or laptop setups that can double as a productivity focused workhorse. Found a great deal on an Xbox One or PS4? Great! Make sure to include a complimentary ultraportable laptop and learning services, a must for any college student.

The CEO On The GO

Your task is simple. Find the best ultrabook setup for the traveling businessperson. Be sure to include deals on accessories such as laptop cases and docks as well as any productivity suite or task management service perfect for the entrepreneur in your life.

Smart Deals For The Smart Home

The Smart Home Market has finally come unto its own, allowing the intrepid user the ability to track or automate almost anything. We’re looking for the best gifts and deals for those just getting started with their Smart Home as well as deals for the homeowner who is already well connected.

The Mobile CAD Powerhouse

Members submitting to this category must include a CAD focused Laptop, that is a workstation class laptop with either a Nvidia Quadro or AMD FirePro GPU, as well as any must have accessories. Bonus points for including deals on Wacom tablets, CAD keyboards, and design programs or software suites.

The raffle and submissions threads will close Friday, December 2 so be sure to enter before then. Good luck and may the best deal win!