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Magic Ball Visualizes Power Consumption

The aesthetics may be garish, and those "branding" seals plastered all over the concept pics are distracting, but the Power Ball by Philippe Holthuizen is a uniquely-shaped power bar that lights up to indicate power consumption. As the gadgets or appliances plugged in draw more juice, rings around each plug become brighter.

The point is to let users know when they're still running up their electric bill, even if they're not really using any power. Prime examples include phone chargers left plugged in, and that computer left on as you sleep fitfully on your desk. The Power Ball doesn't have the detailed information as Intel's home management system, but it's definitely straightforward. You also won't need a touch-screen display to keep on top of power consumption too!

Now if only Holthuizen can come up with a more imaginative configuration. Heck, even a minimalist power bar with LED rings lining the plugs would look way better. There's really no need for a "unique" ball shape, is there?

Philippe Holthuizen's Portfolio website