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Pizza Hut's DJ Box Lets You Drop Greasy Beats

In another attempt to look cool to the masses, Pizza Hut will be giving away "playable" pizza box DJ decks outfitted with battery-powered printed electronics that can connect to a computer or smartphone using Bluetooth.

Thanks to conductive ink, a DJ can control two turntables and a cross-fader and sync, cue and play music with the pizza box. The touch-sensitive ink can interpret taps, long presses and swipes, Pizza Hut explains. The boxes were created in partnership with printed electronics experts at Novalia. And don't worry about making music on a greasy piece of cardboard -- these boxes come separate from the one that actually holds your pizza.

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Unfortunately, this tech-laden pizza box won't come with all Pizza Hut orders. For now, they're limited to five Pizza Hut locations in the UK.

“DJing is a huge passion for many of our guests so we thought it would be a great idea to give our pizza boxes a new lease of life by transforming them into real DJ decks for our customers to play and mix their own beats,” said Kath Austin, Pizza Hut's marketing director in a company press release.

The DJ pizza box comes after a number of marketing campaigns that Pizza Hut hopes will keep the restaurant's name hip. Last month, Pizza Hut announced a new "social ordering" platform allowing its customers to place an order with a chatbot on Facebook Messenger and Twitter.