9 Reasons the iPhone 7 Beats the Galaxy S8

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  • WikiLeaks
    Stupid article TRYING to destroy best phone in the market Galaxy S8.

    Wake-up iPhone become follower not leader any more.

    Reason Galaxy S8 is innovation leader:
    - Iris Scanner for better security than any other solutions
    - Quick Charge 4.0 "5 minutes give 5 hours"
    - Bluetooth 5
    - Face recogniser instant unlock
    - Dex "Convert your mobile to android desktop for better apps and games experience"
    - Fastest built in memory technology improve overall performance and camera capturing
    - Auto-focus on selfi camera
    - Best camera in low light
    and still more .......
  • Ad038
    You do know the S7 and S8 don't share the same camera right?