Finally a Self-Sharpening Pencil

Although this special writing utensil has been around for almost two years now,  the Kuru Toga from Uni Mitsubishi Pencil Company has slipped by unnoticed, probably because it came dozens of years too late for anyone to really care. Nonetheless it is an interesting writing tool that ensures your illegible handwriting will still be illegible, but at least all of the lead marks will look the same thanks to the pencil's self-sharpening attributes.

The Kuru Toga works by continually rotating a piece of "nano diamond lead" thanks to a rotating gear system inside the pencil. The rotation and sharpening ensures that the piece of lead will remain at a point giving you the same precise pencil marks you would get from a newly sharpened pencil. Most people would find this unnecessary or redundant but for artists who constantly rely on sharp pencils, the Kuru Toga is a great investment.

Tuan Mai

Tuan Mai is a Los Angeles-based writer and marketing professional focused mainly on PC gaming and hardware. He held the role of Social Media Editor across Tom's Guide and its sister publications for more than six years, helping the sites grow their audiences and also contributing dones of articles, with a special interest in the weird and quirky.