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OnePlus X Teased Ahead of Oct. 29 Launch

The OnePlus Two in action. The OnePlus X could be a smaller version. Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: The OnePlus Two in action. The OnePlus X could be a smaller version. Credit: Tom's Guide)

The OnePlus 2 has only just hit the wild, but Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus looks like it has one more surprise left before year's end. According to a new teaser image on the company's Twitter page, the rumored OnePlus X smartphone could be unveiled at a special Oct. 29 event in London.

The image shows nothing more than the date, an X-shaped fluorescent light and the hashtag #PowerfullyBeautiful, but recent leaks provide a peek at what the device might actually look like. As The Verge discovered, a new FCC filing shows what looks like an iPhone 4-esque device with slim silver edges and a OnePlus logo strewn across its black backside.

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This device, which has also been referred to as the OnePlus Mini, is rumored to pack a 5-inch full HD display, a 13-megapixel camera, a MediaTek processor and NFC, according to Droid Life.

OnePlus' latest smartphone, the OnePlus 2, earned mostly high marks in our review, thanks to its premium design, fast performance, useful OxygenOS features and affordable $329 unlocked price. However, we found that its sub-par battery life and somewhat dim display kept it from being the true flagship killer it's being marketed as.

If the OnePlus X turns out to be a smaller, cheaper version of the OnePlus 2, it could find a home with those seeking a flagship-quality phone on an especially tight budget. The official reveal date is only weeks away, so stay tuned.