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You Might Want to Skip Galaxy Note 8 for Note 9

While everything points to Samsung announcing its Galaxy Note 8 -- the successor to the doomed Note 7 -- on August 23, we've already learned one very good reason why you should wait for the Note 9.

According to a new report, the Note 9 will fix one of the biggest design annoyances of the Note 8: its awkwardly-located fingerprint scanner.

9to5Google is reporting that KGI Securities (which has a phenomenal track record on tech rumors) claims Samsung will keep its fingerprint scanners on the back of its phones until it releases the Note 9, which may feature a finger scanner built right into the screen. This design choice, first introduced in this year's Galaxy S8, may also stick around on that line of smartphones through 2018's S9, meaning it wouldn't reach that line until the S10.

What's so bad about the fingerprint sensor living on the back of the phone? During our time testing the S8 and S8+, we confirmed that its placement right next to the camera makes it hard to activate without looking, due in part to the narrowness of the sensor. It got a little easier after a couple of days, but it's still an inconvenience.

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Samsung has supposedly dropped its efforts to integrate the fingerprint scanner into the Note 8's screen because it believes that Apple will also skip on the technology for this year's iPhone 8.

The Note 8 is expected to feature the dual rear optical cameras that many hoped to see in the S8 and S8+, which would allow for better photos and the depth-sensing Portrait mode found in the iPhone 7 Plus. We should know a whole lot more about it come August 23, so stay tuned.

Credit: Jeremy Lips/Tom's Guide

  • downhilldude
    This constant repetition of the "issue" with the location of the fingerprint sensor is annoying. The fingerprint sensor on the S8 takes about 5 to 7 days to get used to. By that time it's in muscle memory. I haven't missed it once, since second week of ownership. Never touched the camera lens once. I've heard several other owners, bloggers, etc. say the same thing. The Note 8 is even less of an issue, as they've moved the camera flash between the camera lens and the fingerprint sensor. If you hit the camera lens on that model, you should get checked by a neurologist.