New Renders Show the Bezel-Less Nintendo Switch Lite We Want

We know that Nintendo is coming up with one or two new Nintendo Switch models, one for hardcore gamers and a lower cost compact option.

While we don't know any specific specs or details about any of these two potential models, that didn’t stop Dutch tech blog a knack for 3D renders Let’s Go Digital from imagining what this compact, lower cost Nintendo Switch would look like:

Credit: Let’s Go Digital

(Image credit: Let’s Go Digital)

According to Japanese financial newspaper Nikkei, the new “miniature” Switch may be missing some of the functions of the current console. The newspaper quoted Ace Research Institute Hideki Yasuda, who said the new miniature model will follow on the steps of the DS Lite released in 2006, which downsized the original dual-screen successor to the Game Boy Advance.

The Let's Go Digital render imagines a Switch with a nearly bezel-less display, which would allow Nintendo to increase the handheld's real estate without losing support for the existing Joy-Cons.

The Wall Street Journal claimed in another report that the compact Switch’s Joy-Cons will not be detachable and will not support vibration. But other than that, there is no other information.

Let’s Go Digital assumes that the console will not dock to display games on a TV, which will certainly cut costs, as will the non-detachable controls. It would be a pity if that’s the case.

Perhaps Nintendo will include a docking port to keep a lower price but sell the base and wireless gamepads separately, since the dual-personality of the Switch is one of its biggest selling points. It seems hard to imagine that Nintendo will give up on one of the Switch’s core appeals.

The WSJ reports that at least one of the consoles may come out as early as E3 2019, which will happen in June in Los Angeles.

Credit: Let's Go Digital

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