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Nintendo: We're Not Releasing a Phone

When reports about the DSi first did the rounds, one of the flimsier rumors was that the handheld console would also be a phone. During a recent interview with the New York Times the COO discussed what Nintendo had planned for E3 this year, and also said that the phone business was not something Nintendo was interested in right now.

“Telephony is not in our wheelhouse,” Fils-Aime told NYT reporters. “It’s not something I anticipate us getting into.”

In other words, Nintendo isn’t jumping on the mobile gaming bandwagon and offering a phone, complete with a proprietary app store to cash in on the trend.

However, that doesn’t mean the company is against giving their handheld gadgets always-on wireless connectivity. The current Nintendo DSi can already connect to the internet and according to the report in the New York Times, Mr. Fils-Aime said the company does value that feature.

“We do see value in an always-on connected state,” Fils-Aime said. However, he added that there were questions that needed to be answered, like what such a device would cost. Still, he said of the concept: “It’s something that has value down the road.”

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