Nero 12 Media Software Gets YouTube Import Capability

Nero 12 introduces more than a dozen new features over the preceding version and remains one of priciest tools in the segment with an MSRP of $80 for the standard version and $110 for the Platinum variant, which combines the features of the ripping, burning, backup, media management and video editing editions of Nero.

The flagship version gets a few unique features over the lesser versions, including video stabilization and retro film themes in video editing, as well as unprotected Blu-Ray ripping to any video popular format, Blu-ray playback, Blu-ray HD conversion to SD, audio conversion and audio editing, among others.

Both Nero 12 and Nero 12 Platinum now support direct YouTube video imports, which more than likely will land Nero in a hotbed with the music and movie industry. While there are plenty of software tools available to rip content from YouTube, the website recently began blocking content import services such as and its reasonable to assume that it is more a question of "when" rather than "if" that such services will be blocked at some point.


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  • ELMO_2006
    I recall a time when Nero was awesome in every way!
    Over the years this little app went from David to Goliath, so bloated with features and the HDD space required to have a complete install is unreal.

    To this day I still v7 and to me it's still bloated!
  • classzero
    Nero used to be the go to software. I have to agree with ELMO_2006, I quit using Nero after Nero 6.X
  • Isn't this against Youtube's new ToS forbidding anything that "downloads" content from Youtube? I remember when Youtube downloaders were removed en-masse a few weeks ago for that exact same reason.
  • tntom
    Yes Nero 6.6 was great. But everyone after became more complex and did notwork as well. It needs a complete rewrite of the entire suite before it is worth it at no more that $70. You never know which part of the suite to launch to do what. Version 11 has codec that require separate registration for them to work and then without warning they stop.
  • Shin-san
    "Nero Burning Rom" in German is pronounced "Nero Burning Rome"