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Myspace Sells Its Soul to Facebook

Gone are the days when Myspace and Facebook went head to head fighting to see who would dominate the social network world.  Back in October, Myspace had even taken measures to step aside from being compared to Facebook and reinvent itself as the ‘go to’ place for social entertainment.
Now the once enemies have moved beyond old rivalry and collaborated to bring more functionality and social fun for its users via the new Mashup with Facebook.  With only a few clicks, Myspace users can link their accounts with that of their Facebook, and populate a personalized stream of entertainment content based on their likes and interests from their Facebook profile.

Myspace CEO Mike Jones, joined by Facebook’s Dan Rose, vp of partnerships and platform marketing, in their Thursday announcement stated, “We are thrilled to further our collaboration with Facebook through Mashup with Facebook. This new feature is a great illustration of our strategy around social entertainment and enabling the real-time stream. The stream is one of our most popular features on Myspace, and it is now delivering an even richer entertainment experience of relevant content for our users to enjoy.  I’m particularly excited because so many people will be able to have the immediate satisfaction of enjoying their own entertainment program that they have customized themselves as well as connecting to all their passions and to the Myspace community at large.”

In addition, the “Like” button has been integrated onto Myspace to allow Myspace users to share things they liked on Myspace with their Facebook network.

Whether or not this new mashup revitalizes Myspace to the popularity it once was still remains to be seen; however, I doubt you will hear Facebook complaining as Myspace becomes more than just attached to using Facebook technology.

Will this new mashup bring you back to using Myspace?