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Moov HR Tracks Heart Rate On Your Head

There's a lot of debate as to the accuracy of optical heart rate monitors, such as those found on everything from the Apple Watch Series 2 to the Fitbit Charge 2. However, all those devices have one thing in common: They measure your heart rate on your wrist.

Moov's newest wearable, the Moov HR, also uses an optical sensor. But the company says it's device is a lot more accurate, because it takes your pulse from your temple.

Combined with adaptive coaching, the Moov HR, available for $59.99 until November 18 (and $99 thereafter), looks like a compelling fitness tracker for those who want to make sure they're training in the right zone.

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The Moov HR will be sold in one of two packs: the Moov HR Sweat and the Moov HR Swim; the former will include a headband, while the latter will come with a swimcap.

The Moov HR device tucks into a pouch in the headband and swimcap, so that its optical heart rate sensor rests on your temple. Here, it not only has to go through less skin to measure your pulse than your wrist, but, because your head doesn't move around as much as your arms, the device should receive a more consistent signal.

When paired via Bluetooth with your smartphone or tablet, the Moov HR will coach you through various exercises, automatically adjusting the tempo and intensity based on your heart rate. The app has short videos to show you the proper form for each exercise, and will also calculate your VO2 Max, an indication of your overall fitness level.

Note that real-time coaching only works during non-swim activities; if you take it swimming, the Moov HR will record your activity, and then show you the results afterwards on the app.

The Moov HR isn't intended as an all-day wearable; its battery will last about 6 hours before needing to be recharged.

I wish that Moov would sell the sweatband or swimcap separately, so that you didn't have to purchase a second Moov HR if you want to work out in both the gym and the pool. Nevertheless, I'm interested to test the accuracy of the Moov HR, so stay tuned.