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Impulse Sues Microsoft Over Kinect

Impulse claims that Microsoft violated a total of six patents 6,308,565, 6,430,997, 6,749,432, 6,765,726, 6,876,496, 7,359,121 and 7,791,808, which were granted between 2001 and 2010.

In fact, the patents describe a system that is very similar to that of Kinect, though the patents do not provide much detail about the actual technology such as the sensors. Impulse apparently envisioned its system as a technology that would train athletes in front of a PC screen.

Impulse's idea may not have worked out the first time around, but the success of Kinect could certainly deliver a windfall for the company. Impulse is also suing software manufacturers that offer games for Kinect, including Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, THQ, Konami, Sega, Majesco, Namco Bandai and Harmoni.