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Microsoft Preps Big IE9 Ad Campaign

We just learned the Microsoft's IE marketing team is already preparing the next IE campaign, just a couple of month after the most recent one ended. However, this time, the campaign will focus entirely on IE9 as well as its capability to speed up web applications via its hardware acceleration support. The campaign will be running across the Internet as well as major TV networks during Q1.

IE9 has been gaining market share consistently, but is only at just under 11 percent as of December, according to StatCounter. One of the reasons is update fatigue among IE users, but the fact that IE9 is only supported by Windows Vista SP2 and Windows 7, is a big deal that prevents the browser from gaining more market share. According to Microsoft, IE9 use on Windows 7 is at about 26 percent, followed by Chrome with just under 24 percent.

StatCounter browser market share data suggests that Microsoft's IE8, IE7 and IE6 are losing market share much faster than IE9 can gain and it will be critical for Microsoft to attract as much IE9 users as possible. In the past, Microsoft IE marketing campaigns were only able to provide short term market share support. However, this time, the marketing campaign will coincide with the introduction of the silent update feature for IE8 and IE9 and could deliver a much more substantial boost.