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HoloLens and Windows 10: Home Entertainment Will Never Be the Same

Microsoft first unveiled its HoloLens holographic headset earlier this year, but we now have a better idea of how the wearable device will perform when you're kicking back in your living room. At its 2015 Build developer conference, Microsoft showed off a variety of entertainment and productivity use cases for its upcoming Windows 10-based augmented-reality device.

Microsoft's latest HoloLens demo demonstrated how the headset can make your living room the ultimate AR home, complete with video players, Internet browsers and virtual photo galleries on the walls. Wearing HoloLens, a demonstrator named Darren was able to see a floating weather globe that displayed the temperature in Maui, complete with a 3D rendering of the location. There was even a virtual dog hanging out on the floor.

One of the most interesting parts of Microsoft's demo was the way the virtual apps were able to follow Darren around. When watching a video on his wall, Darren simply said "Follow me," and the video player moved alongside him as he walked through the room. Once the demonstrator found a new spot, he pinned the app to the wall by pointing at it, and moved his arms to expand the screen to cover the entire wall.

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Perhaps even more exciting is the way HoloLens can blend the virtual and physical worlds. Microsoft later brought a small mechanical robot on stage. With HoloLens on, the robot gained an animated, Star Wars-esque droid on top of it. While the physical robot moved the character around the room, the digital one was able to answer voice commands and pull up holographic walls of data.

Every single Windows 10 universal app is HoloLens-compatible, meaning you can look forward to doing anything from Skyping on your fridge to getting an augmented-reality look at the weather. Microsoft's latest demo for the device made a science-fiction future look incredibly real, and we can't wait to spend more time with it. Stay tuned for hands-on impressions.

  • getochkn
    Do we get to see the demo? You mention it, but no link.
  • Titillating
    The demo was part of a live streaming event, I believe. It'll probably be up on YouTube or something soon enough.
  • benzjie
    The text is in dutch, videos in English.