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Metaio’s 3D Tech Could Make Virtual Shopping Easier

Online shopping is already more convenient than browsing brick and mortar stores, but imagine if you could actually try on clothing or accessories before ordering them. That’s an issue Metaio could solve with its augmented reality SDK that will soon support facial recognition.

The technology, which only works with the Kinect at the moment, enables the camera’s infrared light and dual cameras to create a three dimensional reconstruction of your head. By creating this virtual model, the camera can now recognize facial features and depth rather than just detecting your movement.

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The demo we experienced at Mobile World Congress was just a prototype of what the feature will be like when it debuts in Metaio’s SDK, but it was accurate enough to show how it would work. During our hands-on session, we turned our head from left to right so that the Kinect could read the front and sides of our face. We had to do this very slowly, however, so that the camera could get the most accurate reading.

Once the camera finished creating this 3D model, the Metaio team placed a virtual pair of Ray Ban glasses over our face. The glasses remained on our face even as we shook our head from side to side rather quickly.

Although the technology we saw was a raw depiction of the final version, it reiterates the potential for augmented reality in future applications. As 3D cameras such as the Kinect and Creative Senz3D play a larger role in future devices, apps based on SDKs like Metaio’s will become more relevant. HP is already integrating the Leap Motion into one of its notebooks, and Intel is working with Creative to put its Senz3D camera in future laptops as well.