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DARPA Gives Robots Artificial Memristor Brains

Speculative fiction has long warned us what would happen the moment we give robots sentience. Yet despite science trying really hard since the 50's, their constant failures have always reassured us that our mechanical minions could not evolve beyond their current parameters. That is, until DARPA started funding research into something that can very well make Judgment Day a reality.

Enter MoNETA, an AI software being developed at Boston University's Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems. Unlike other AIs, MoNETA won't cause its mobile platform to run uselessly against a wall or shoot its teammates. The secret? It'll run off a special processor composed of memristors, which perfectly emulate how the neurons in the human brain work.

Our only hope now is for someone to invent a flux capacitor, so Christian Bale can send his future dad back to the 80's.

[source: IEEE Spectrum via Popular Science]