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AutoBot Lets Users Connect Vehicle to Phones

The dongle plugs into a vehicle’s OBDII port, or on-board diagnostics system, and can report vehicle information such as airbag deployments to 911 operators and family, track your vehicle using GPS, diagnose trouble codes and notify users of needed maintenance.

Vehicles compatible with the AutoBot include any vehicle manufactured and sold in the United States for the 1996 model year and newer – a government mandate, however, there are a few pre-96 models from the State of California that support the OBDII standard.

The AutoBot dongle is expected to retail for less than $300 and combines with software from Mavizon.  The software is provided without any monthly fees from Mavizon, but there is more than meets the eye – the software is supported by ads that target your vehicle’s needs, such as oil changes and tire balance and rotations.

Mavizon makes no mention of what software platforms are supported, but the company features Android and iOS based devices on their product page. Nevertheless, Mavizon expects availability of the AutoBot dongle and software sometime in 2011.

[Mavizon via Slashgear]