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Judge Uses Problem Child's Wii as Security

What can the authorities do to a 12-year-old boy who's lately been on the wrong side of the law? If you're Judge Marvin Garfinkle, you hit him where it hurts – his Wii.

Since last February, the boy has allegedly committed such acts as using a rock-filled sock to smash the door windows of his elementary school and chasing and punching classmates in the face. The boy has also hit one of his peers over the head with a pool cue.

The boy was eventually put under a court order not to attend his school, but he's breached that order at least three times. His latest arrest was on October 16 when he allegedly attacked a male student and female teacher at his new school following a game of dodge ball, according to the Winnipeg Sun.

After the latest arrest, Judge Garfinkle decided to grant the boy bail only after he agreed to provide the court with his most valued possession as security – his Nintendo Wii.

In order to keep his Wii, the must comply in keeping the peace, appearing for court dates, living with his grandmother and participating in a bail management program.

"He is pledging as a security, akin to a cash deposit, his Nintendo Wii," Garfinkle said. "And if he doesn't comply, he loses it."